Photo of Cassie smiling

Hey everyone, I’m Cassie. The creator and owner of Enrich Your Life.

I’d thought I would introduce myself here to put a face to the name and company. Here’s a little bit about me.

I have been working in the developmental services space for over 13 years now and had the honour of working with some extraordinary people. I loved seeing them grow, have fun together, and make some beautiful connections.

I took the leap of faith this year and decided to leave the agency life and pursue my own business in this field. Why attend Enrich Your Life programs? Because you and your dreams matter. The vision of EYL is to support and empower you, to reach your glass ceiling (this means our limitations or limits others put on us) and breakthrough it. Oftentimes we have a dream no matter how big or small doesn’t come to life because we may not have the support, resources, or direction on how to bring them to life. The purpose of each program is to empower you and to become one step closer to your dreams. Whether it’s making new friends during bowling, getting fit with fitness classes/meal prep or developing your leadership for you to run your own programs. The programs will add more to your life so you can thrive.

If you’ve ever been told you can’t achieve something because of a disability well, here at Enrich Your Life we don’t say “I can’t” instead we begin to say “I will”.

There will be a variety of options throughout the year and I want to know what YOU (as someone with a developmental/intellectual disability) what to accomplish.

Because… we will.